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Marine Science

Rapid Climate Change

RAPID Climate Change (RAPID)
Implementation Plan

(updated 10/02/05)

Download the RAPID Implementation Plan:

In MS Word (72Kb): Implementation Plan in Word format WIDTH=

In PDF (132Kb): Implementation Plan in PDF

  • Introduction
  • Building a RAPID community in the UK
  • Funding for science
  • Timetable for AOs and meetings
  • Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)
  • MOC monitoring system
  • Requirement for ship time, services and facilities
  • Core team
  • Links to the Norwegian Ocean Climate programme
  • Links to NWO (Netherlands) and NRC (Norway)
  • Links to NSF (USA)
  • Involving the wider community
  • EU FP6 Expression of Interest: WATCHER
  • Data management
  • RAPID Data Policy
  • Integrating modelling activities
  • Technology development
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Knowledge Transfer and communication
  • Subgroup membership

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