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Joint International call : text of the AO
Joint International call:full bids results

Joint International funding AO: Successful full bids

Funding decisions for the Joint International funding AO are now complete. Out of fifteen outline bids invited to proceed to full bids, five were selected for full or partial funding.

One of the criteria for this International programme was "building on or complementing existing work in rapid climate change" and these studies will be expected to do so explicitly. A list of successful bids can be found below.

Principal Investigator Institute Title
Prof Grant R. Bigg University of Sheffield Punctuated disintegration of the NW European ice sheet and rapid climate change
Prof Henry Elderfield University of Cambridge Variations of the Atlantic MOC during rapid changes: callibration, modelling and paleoceanographic observations (VAMOC)
Dr Sandy Harrison University of Bristol Impact of changing freshwater flows on the THC and European climate
Dr Timothy J. Osborn University of East Anglia To what extent was the Little Ice Age a result of a change in the THC?
Dr M.R. van den Broeke Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research, Utrecht Mass balance and freshwater contribution of the Greenland ice sheet: a combined modelling and observational approach

Queries about existing activities relevant to rapid climate change research in the UK, Norway and the Netherlands can be addressed to the respective national contacts:

Meric Srokosz, UK
Phone: +44 (0)23 8059 6414

Fridtjof Mehlum, Norway
Phone: +47 2203 7415

Hans de Boois, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 70 3440752