NERC Discussion Meeting:
Exploring possible follow-on work to the RAPID programme

NERC is exploring the possibility of further developing some of the research currently being carried out under the RAPID directed programme. To explore the way forward a small meeting is to be held on Tuesday 13th September 2005 in London (location to be advised), in order to discuss possible elements of the future work.

Any follow-on work will focus on the element for which there is currently an a priori scientific case for longer-term study — the pre-operational observing system for the North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. An additional level of modest investment is envisaged to exploit fully the data from the system — for example, through data assimilation and modelling work — so as to ensure that the improved prediction of the probability and magnitude of future climate change is appropriately addressed. It is envisaged that the observing system will be developed and maintained through NERC Research/Collaborative Centre strategic programmes, with the additional research open to competition. With both strands of investment, continuing and new partnerships with national and international organisations will be sought.

At the meeting we will be looking for community input on how best to develop the case for the additional work, the sort of additional work required to meet the longer-term RAPID goals and the potential for partnerships.

Space is limited for this meeting. To request an invitation to attend, please send an email to Andy Parsons ( with ‘RAPID Discussion Meeting’ in the subject line. If you wish to discuss participation, please contact Meric Srokosz, RAPID Science Co-ordinator, ( 023 8059 6414).