2nd RAPID AO: Successful full bids

Funding decisions for the RAPID 2nd round of funding are now completed. Out of twenty-four outline bids invited to proceed to full bids stage, eleven were selected for full or partial funding.

Principal Investigator Institute Title
Dr William E.N. Austin University of St Andrews Can Younger Dryas atmospheric Dryas 14C concentration be attributed to North Atlantic surface ocean ventilation?   Abstract
Dr Sheldon Bacon National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Arctic Regulation of Thermohaline Circulation (ARTHER)   Abstract
Dr Mark R. Chapman University of East Anglia Significance of Holocene multi-decadal to millennial scale variability in the subpolar North Atlantic.   Abstract
Dr Jonathan Gregory NCAS, Reading Understanding uncertainty in simulations of THC-related rapid climate change   Abstract
Dr Jonathan Gregory NCAS, Reading UK Coupled model intercomparison project on the Thermohaline Circulation   Abstract
Prof Keith Haines ESSC, Reading Assimilation in ocean and coupled models to determine the thermohaline circulation   Abstract
Prof Brian J Hoskins Reading University The impact of climate change on N Atlantic and European climate regimes   Abstract
Prof John Lowe Royal Holloway, London A precise chronology for establishing the timing of changes in North Atlantic thermohaline circulation (THC), and its climatic consequences, 16-8 cal ka BP   Abstract
Prof David Marshall Reading University Attribution of ocean climate change signals in the Atlantic   Abstract
Dr Rowan Sutton Reading University Probabilistic forecasting of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and associated rapid climate change   Abstract
Prof Andy Watson University of East Anglia Time Series of Transient Tracers (TESTT)   Abstract