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Rapid Climate Change

News, features and reviews

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Where available we have included a hyperlink to the article or news feature. Please note that in some cases access may be limited to subscribers only.


Nature Editorial: Circulation challenge. The lack of monitoring of ocean currents must be addressed quickly.Nature, 439, 244. (19 January 2006) doi:10.1038/439244b

Nature News Feature, "Climate change: A sea change", by Quirin Schiermeier Nature 439, 256-260. (News Feature 19 January 2006). doi:10.1038/439256a

Nature News and Views, "Oceanography: The Atlantic heat conveyor slows", by Detlef Quadfasel. Nature 438, 565-566 (1 December 2005) doi:10.1038/438565a

New Scientist Feature, "Climate change: The great Atlantic shutdown", by Stephen Battersby Magazine issue 2547. New Scientist, Issue 2547, 15 April 2006. Article Preview on-line

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