Successful applications submitted to the first RAPID funding round

Eighteen research proposals are being funded through the first 'standard funding' round (for details see below). Click on a Project Title to view an abstract.

Ref no: NER/T/
Principal Investigator Institute Title
425 Professor A Willmott Keele University Processes controlling dense water formation and transport on Arctic continental shelves
427 Dr S Josey
Southampton Oceanography Centre (SOC) The Role of Air-Sea Forcing in Causing Rapid Changes in the North Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation
430 Dr E Wolff BAS High resolution anatomy of rapid climate transitions in the last glacial period from a Greenland ice core
436 Professor IN McCave Cambridge University Hydrographic and flow changes at sharp climate transitions in the North Atlantic MOC, 0-16ka BP
439 Dr R Williams Liverpool University The role of sloping topography in the overturning circulation of the North Atlantic
440 Professor K Briffa University of East Anglia Quantitative applications of high-resolution late Holocene proxy data sets: estimating climate sensitivity and thermohaline circulation influences
441 Professor B Hoskins Reading University The atmospheric water vapour budget and its relevance to the THC
442 Dr E Guilyardi Reading University The role of salinity in ocean circulation and climate response to greenhouse gas forcing
443 Dr A Tudhope Edinburgh University Improving our ability to predict rapid changes in the El Nino Southern Oscillation climatic phenomenon
446 Professor A Watson University of East Anglia Circulation, overflow, and deep convection studies in the Nordic Seas using tracers and models
448 Professor I Fairchild University of Birmingham Atlantic Seaboard Climate Responses including Bounding Errors (ASCRIBE)
449 Professor H Bryden University of Southampton Extending the time series of Atlantic Meridional Overturning backwards in time using historical measurements
450 Mr P Challenor SOC The Probability of Rapid Climate Change
453 Dr S Bacon SOC Cape Farewell and Eirik Ridge: Interannual to Millenial Thermohaline Circulation Variability
455 Dr N Wells University of Southampton The determination of heat transfer and storage, and their changes in the North Atlantic Ocean
459 Dr C Pain Imperial College Better Understanding of Open Ocean Deep Convection (OODC) with reference to THC
420% Dr J Holmes University College London ISOMAP UK: a combined data-modelling investigation of water isotopes and their interpretation during rapid climate change events
462 Dr J Bamber
University of Bristol The role of the cryosphere on modulating the thermohaline circulation of the North Atlantic