monitoring the atlantic overturning circulation

Latest AMOC time series

Latest time series of MOC transports at 26°N. Larger figure

Access to RAPID data

Data from the RAPID array 26° North

Data from the RAPID array at 26°N may be downloaded from the data download page of the RAPID MOC project, which looks after the moorings at 26°N. Data sets include:

A Read Me file provides information about the different datasets.

Data from past RAPID projects

A wider selection of RAPID data, which includes data from all the past RAPID projects, is available from the RAPID Data Centre.

Data for the RAPID Challenge 2015

For the RAPID Challenge 2015 we have made the AMOC time series available in formats that may be opened for analysis in Excel or other spreadsheets. The data download page also contains hints on how to look at the data.

Latest AMOC time series


The latest time-series of integrated MOC transports from April 2004 to March 2014.