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Rapid Climate Change
RAPID Annual Meeting 2008

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Monday 30 June, 2008             Go To:   Tuesday 1 July     Wednesday 2 July

12:30 Arrival, registration, tea and coffe
14:00 Welcome Lloyd Keigwin
Chair, Steering Committee
14:05 Introduction Meric Srokosz
14:15 Impact of Atlantic MOC reduction: large global effects leave a small imprint on Europe (invited lecture).     Abstract
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Wilco Hazeleger
15:05Tea and posters  
  Chair: Ros Rickaby  
15:35 Impacts of Air-Sea Flux Variability on the Mid-High Latitude North Atlantic Ocean.     Abstract
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Simon Josey
15:55 Storm track sensitivity to sea surface temperature resolution.     Abstract
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Tim Woolings
16:15 Testing hypotheses on Little Ice Age climate.     Abstract Thomas Kleinen
16:35 Surface and deep ocean coupling in the subpolar North Atlantic during the last 230 year.     Abstract
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Ian Hall
16:55 The sensitivity of the glacial ocean to Heinrich-like events from different sources around the North Atlantic.     Abstract
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Grant Bigg
17:15 Precise chronology of the timing of changes in behaviour of the North Atlantic THC and their forcing effects, 16 - 8 ka BP.     Abstract
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John Lowe
17:35 RAPID Data.     Abstract
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Robin McCandliss
17:45 Drinks and poster session
18:30 End of session
20:00 Dinner

Tuesday 1 July, 2008

  Chair: Simon Josey  
09:00 1. US AMOC efforts and plans (inivted).   Abstract
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2. In Pursuit of the Conveyor Belt and its Variability.     Abstract
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Susan Lozier
Chair, US AMOC Science Team
09:50 Influence of the 26N RAPID array observations on the ECCO-GODAE state estimate.     Abstract
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Johanna Baehr
10:10 Development of a new high-resolution global ocean reanalysis and its use in the reconstruction of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.     Abstract
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Greg Smith
10:30 Coffee and posters  
11:00 AOML South Atlantic MOC related Observations and Plans.     Abstract Silvia Garzoli
11:20 Observations of Meridional Heat Transport Variability from the 26.5°N RAPID-MOC Array.     Abstract
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Bill Johns
11:40 On the contribution of eastern boundary density variability to the meridional overturning circulation at 26.5°N.     Abstract Maria Paz Chidichimo
12:00 Observations of the temporal variability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation from the Rapid-MOC transatlantic array at 26.5°N.     Abstract Torsten Kanzow
12:20 Knowledge Exchange.     Abstract
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Craig Wallace
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Main poster session.   Alphabetic list of posters  
Tea and posters
Chair: Lloyd Keigwin  
16:00 Deglacial circulation changes from dynamical and water-mass tracers (invited lecture).     Abstract Jerry F. McManus
16:50 A high resolution Holocene record of North Atlantic surface hydrography using Mg/Ca ratios from planktonic foraminifera.     Abstract Elizabeth Farmer
17:10 Holocene Oscillations in the Temperature and Salinity of the Surface Subpolar North Atlantic.     Abstract
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See also Nature, 457/5 pp.711-714, 5 February 2009.
David Thornalley
17:30 North Atlantic climate for the last 1000 years reconstructed from an annually laminated stalagmite from Northwest Scotland.     Abstract
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Andy Baker
17:50 Isotope records of early Holocene climate in Europe: data - model comparisons.     Abstract
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Jonathan Holmes
18:10 A Rapid Calcification Response to Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification.     Abstract
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Paul Halloran
18:30 End of session  
20:00 Conference Dinner

Wednesday 2 July, 2008

Chair: Jochem Marotzke
09:00 The northern limb of the AMOC: exchanges and entrainment at the Greenland Scotland Ridge. Past observations and future perspectives in THOR (invited lecture).     Abstract Detlef Quadfasel
09:50 Uncertainty in the MOC through the 21st Century.     Abstract Doug McNeall
10:10 Initial results from the RAPID UK THC model intercomparison.   Abstract
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Remi Tailleux
(Jonathan Gregory)
10:30 Coffee and posters  
11:00 Decadal predictability of the Atlantic: estimation of optimal perturbations.     Abstract Ed Hawkins
11:20 Oscillatory response of Atlantic overturning to high-latitude forcing.     Abstract
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David Marshall
(Lars Czeschel)
11:40 Measurements and Inferences of the southern Greenland boundary current regime.     Abstract
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Sheldon Bacon
12:00 Use of western boundary measurements to monitor the MOC.     Abstract
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Chris Hughes
12:20 An operational array for monitoring the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation att 26.5°N.     Abstract Stuart Cunningham
12:40 Where next? RAPID-WATCH etc.   Meric Srokosz
12:55 Final remarks.   Lloyd Keigwin
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Meeting closes

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