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RAPID-WATCH is designed to deliver a robust and scientifically credible assessment of the risk to the UK and European climate due to a rapid change in the MOC. It will assess the need for a long-term observing system that could detect major MOC changes and narrow uncertainty in projections of future change. The work is carried out in collaboration with the Hadley Centre in the UK, and strengthened through international partnerships.

RAPID-WATCH Research Projects

NERC has funded seven research projects in the RAPID-WATCH programme. Two of these continue from RAPID, extending the continuous measurements that began in 2004 to deliver a decade-long time series of calibrated and quality-controlled measurements of the Atlantic MOC.

Monitoring the Atlantic Overturning Circulation at 26.5 North

WAVE: The West Atlantic Variability Experiment

The remaining projects started in 2009. They use models and observations to determine and interpret recent changes in the MOC, assess the risk of rapid climate change, and investigate the potential for predictions of the MOC and its impacts on climate.

VALOR: The Value of the RAPID array for climate predictions

RAPID-RAPIT: Risk Assessment, Probability and Impacts Team

ChAAOS: Change in the Atlantic Atmosphere-Ocean System

What are the roles of natural and human drivers in historical changes in the Atlantic Overturning Circulation?

MONACO: Meridional Overturning at 26°N and North Atlantic heat COntent

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