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International Science Meeting

RAPID held its first International Science Meeting in October 2006, in Birmingham. The next international meeting, Past Present and Future Change in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, will be held in Bristol, 12-15 July 2011, and is a collaboration between RAPID and the US AMOC Science program.

Rapid Annual Meetings

The Annual Meetings continue the RAPID series of cience meetings held each summer since 2004. All members of the wider RAPID research community are encouraged to come; participation is not limited to those holding a current NERC grant. Limited travel support is available to former RAPID PIs, Co-Is and students who present recent work at the meeting; details of this support will be published as part of the call for papers prior to each meeting.

The RAPID - US AMOC International Science Meeting in Bristol replaces the usual RAPID Annual Meeting this year.

Six-Monthly RAPID-WATCH Meetings

Six-monthly closed meeting between the PIs and the RAPID-WATCH Programme Advisory Group (PAG) are held in January and in conjunction with the RAPID Annual Meetings.