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Data from the RAPID observing system are available from the web portal of the RAPID Data Centre. This includes data from the RAPID array across the Atlantic at 26° North and the WAVE arrays in the Deep Western Boundary Current between 38° and 43° North. The Data Centre also provides access to data from other projects funded by RAPID (2001-2007) and RAPID-WATCH (2008-2014).

An important aim of the RAPID-WATCH programme is to ensure that the data from the observing system are made available to the wider climate change science community as soon as possible after collection. The RAPID-WATCH data policy has been designed to facilitate this by allowing free and open access to data from the arrays. This policy will also apply to model output and data model syntheses from the other projects funded by NERC under RAPID-WATCH (2008-2014).

Data from all other RAPID projects funded in the period 2001-2007 are subject to the RAPID data polcy, which allows for data to be embargoed for 1 year from acquisition, available to the RAPID community after 1 year, and to everyone after 2 years.

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