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VALOR: Value of the RAPID array for climate predictions

PI: Rowan Sutton, NCAS, University of Reading

VALOR investigates how including data from the arrays into the initial conditions used for decadal climate modelling may improve predictions, particularly the state of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). The project will assimilate data from RAPID and other observations into ocean models to produce "syntheses" - best guess data sets of past ocean state. Similar syntheses will also be produced without RAPID observations.

Both types of sytheses will then be used to decadal forecasts. By comparing the climate model simulations starting with and without the RAPID-WATCH observations, it is possible to assess the impact of data from the RAPID-WATCH array on climate predictions.

Atlantic meridional overturning relationships in HiGEM
Atlantic meridional overturning relationships in HiGEM. Left: Density (800-3000m) correlated with boundary density at 40N. Right: Temporal variation in overturning and density index.

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