From this page you can download the RAPID timeseries data. A full description of the data files is given in the README file and the error estimates is given in README error file. Use the links on the left to view plots of the data and read about related data. To access the data we ask that you leave your email address so that we can notify you when updates to the timesereis become available and so that we can record the number of times the data is accessed.

How to acknowledge data from the RAPID-WATCH project:

Data from RAPID-WATCH MOC monitoring project are made freely available to the public. The project scientists would appreciate it if you added the following acknowledgment to any publications that use this data:

"Data from the RAPID-WATCH MOC monitoring project are funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and are freely available from"

Digital Object Identifier (doi) for this release

The full doi for this data set is: 10.5285/5acfd143-1104-7b58-e053-6c86abc0d94b

The citation that should be used in journals is: Smeed D.; McCarthy G.; Rayner D.; Moat B.I.; Johns W.E.; Baringer M.O.; Meinen C.S. (2017). Atlantic meridional overturning circulation observed by the RAPID-MOCHA-WBTS (RAPID-Meridional Overturning Circulation and Heatflux Array-Western Boundary Time Series) array at 26N from 2004 to 2017. British Oceanographic Data Centre - Natural Environment Research Council, UK. doi: 10.5285/5acfd143-1104-7b58-e053-6c86abc0d94b


The project scientists would also appreciate it if you informed us of any publications or presentations that you prepare using this data. Continued funding of this project depends on us being able to justify the usefulness of the data to the Natural Environment Research Council.

Data Privacy

To download the data we ask that you enter your email address below. This will enable us to inform you when new data are available for download. In addition we generate statistics about the number of users of the RAPID data set, this is important in enabling us to secure continued funding for the observations.
Email addresses provided here will not be used for any other purpose. If you do not wish us to contact you about future data releases please email

Download data from the RAPID array

To download the transports time series or vertical profile data sets, please enter your email-address below and select the data sets by checking the box to the right of the data set required.

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MOC Transport Time Series:
      Last update: 31/October/2017. Temporal coverage: April 2004 - February 2017.

      MOC transports in NetCDF format
      MOC transports in MatLab format
      MOC transports in ASCII format

Vertical profiles:
      Last update: 31/October/2017. Coverage: April 2004 - February 2017.

      MOC streamfunction profiles in NetCDF format

Gridded TS profiles:
      Last update: 31/October/2017 Coverage: April 2004 - February 2017.

      Gridded TS profiles in NetCDF format

Measurement uncertainty for AMOC timeseries:
      Last update: 14/November/2016 Coverage: April 2004 - October 2015.

      matlab format

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